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Why should a throttle valve be cleaned?


Throttle valve is essentially a device for controlling engine air inflow. A traditional throttle valve is controlled directly by the accelerator connection. In other words, by pressing the accelerator harder, the throttle valve can be opened to a larger angle, and the engine will take in more air. As electric control system is now widely used, on some cars, a signal is sent to the onboard control computer when the accelerator is pressed, and the computer then controls the openness of the throttle valve based on this signal.

Since throttle valve is intended for air inflow control, it is obviously exposed to air. Even with the protection provided by air filters, the air flowing through a throttle valve can’t be completely clean. The impurities, coupled with the high temperature in the engine chamber, leads to accumulation of contaminants in the throttle valve.

A throttle valve becomes dirty when it contains a significant amount of contaminants. This state will impair accuracy and smoothness of engine air flow control, leading to negative consequences, most notably jitter or even flameout in idle status and more difficult acceleration.

vika throttle valve

Return spring structure - New Technology:

vika throttle valve: Change the two-stage structure.

Imported 304 stainless steel.

The spring has passed 7.5 million fatigue tests and has high fatigue resistance.

OE: The two-section structure cannot withstand the torsional strength of long-term work.

Steering angle sensor - New Technology:

vika throttle valve: The anti-interference ability is enhanced, which can effectively prevent the damage to the chip caused by static electricity. 360-degree signal reception, more accurate and more sensitive.

OE: Hall mechanical structure brush plate, long-term contact during equipment operation will lead to sensor failure.

Flap - New Process:

vika throttle valve: The flaps are anodized to reduce grease adhesion during equipment operation.

OE:Normal aluminum,without surface treatment, the products may easily absorb oil and dirt particles and consequently lead to jamming.

Gear - New Material Added:

vika throttle valve: PA66 +GF30+ PTFE15% . The friction coefficient of gears containing Teflon material is reduced. Gears work more smoothly

OE:PA66 +GF30, material wears easily.