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Full Commitment to Professionalism for Customer Success

As a world leading auto spare parts service supplier, Tantivy owns two well-known independent after-market brands – vika and DPA, and offers top-level automotive parts for Volkswagen, ŠKODA, Audi, and SEAT models.

With customer success at the center of its corporate mission, Tantivy is committed to providing customers with specialized products and services and surpassing their expectation through constant innovation. We also seek win-win partnership with all business partners in an open and mutually beneficial way.

The company has passed German TÜV certification, and operates fully in line with ISO9001:2015 as a trustworthy partner.

Full Commitment to Professionalism for Customer Success

Our mission: For customer success

We think from the very beginning, it is a self-evident truth that the only born Mission of Tantivy is to assist each customer in achieving business goals.

Our Vision: As a service supplier, to earn the No.1 position in the global spare parts industry, taking a step toward forging a business of 100 years.

To pursue the best in global industry is just a prologue, for customer success, we are taking an oath for century to value the brand.

Our Principle: We are good at what we do, because we do it with responsibility.

For us, who believe in, to accumulatev professional competence and stand the test of time are essential to both corporate excellence and any individual. And the deep sense of responsibility is the faith and cornerstone on one’s way to a real professional competence.

Our Value: God rewards the diligent,great virtue carries all things.

Everything begins with hard working, and each solid innovation comes from the eagerness to know. Our unshakable faith gives us courage to keep moving: to do the right thing, to be a virtuous man.

Characteristics of Tantivy People in Common: Passion, Professionalism, Responsibility, Supportive, Innovative, Excellent

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