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    Skoda: FAB 15-/KAM 20-/KAR 18-/KOD 17-/KODR 18-/OCT 13-17;18-/RAP 13-/SCA 19-/SUP 15-/YET 14-18
    VW:BE 12-19/BEC 13-19/CA 16-/CC 12-17/GOC 12-16/GOLF 13-17/GOSV 14-/JE 11-18/PA 15-/PO 13-18/SCI 15-18/SHA 16-/TIG 12-18/TIGL 18-/TOU 16-/TROC 18-
    Audi: A1 11-18/A3 13-17/A3CA 15-17/AQ2 17-/AQ3 12-19
    SEAT: AL 16-/ARON 18-/AT 16-/IB 13-/LE 13-/TAR 19-/TO 13-19

Fault Symptoms:

The main function of the fuel pump control unit is to control the operation of the gasoline pump in the low-pressure oil circuit. It is easily affected by the mechanical pressure caused by the installation position, which will cause the electronic devices inside the control unit to fail or be damaged, resulting in the engine stalling.

Cause Analysis:

Due to a defective design, the two-stage return spring is unable to tolerate high tensile stress and may easily break, the flap can not return to the original position. Consequently, the throttle valve will experience premature failure.

Return spring structure - New Technology:

vika: Change the two-stage structure.

Imported 304 stainless steel.

The spring has passed 7.5 million fatigue tests and has high fatigue resistance.

OE: The two-section structure cannot withstand the torsional strength of long-term work.

Steering angle sensor - New Technology:

vika:The anti-interference ability is enhanced, which can effectively prevent the damage to the chip caused by static electricity. 360-degree signal reception, more accurate and more sensitive.

OE:Hall mechanical structure brush plate, long-term contact during equipment operation will lead to sensor failure.

Flap - New Process:

vika:The flaps are anodized to reduce grease adhesion during equipment operation.

OE:Normal aluminum,without surface treatment, the products may easily absorb oil and dirt particles and consequently lead to jamming.

Gear - New Material Added:

vika:PA66 +GF30+ PTFE15% . The friction coefficient of gears containing Teflon material is reduced. Gears work more smoothly

OE:PA66 +GF30, material wears easily.