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    Seat: A6 11-18/A6Q11-18/A7 11-18

Failure phenomena:

Cause analysis:

The defective suspension design resulted in insufficient bearing capacity of rubber and consequently changes in its stress structure after use for long, eventually leading to a breaking point of the stressed part. The life cycle of the products was therefore shortened.

Why has STO engine suspension surpassed OE in performance?

The product engineers of vika DPA have performed analysis of the structure and material of OE parts available in the market, including failed ones, and discovered that failures were mainly attributable to material structural and strength issues. Following product simulation and finite element analysis of dynamic and static rigidness, they redesigned the product structure, and succeeded in improving both the service life and safety of vika STO engine suspension.

Improvement of STO Engine Mounting Technology

The thickness of the rubber structure has been increased to 18 mm, resulting in higher product rigidity and a service life 50% longer than original products.

The inner wall of the aluminum bracket structure is thickened by 4mm to perfectly bear the weight of the engine and ensure that the rubber structure does not collapse.

Comparative tests

Comparative fatigue tests:

After 3.6 million test cycles, the vika STO product exhibited neither visible sign of damage nor noticeable functional degradation;

After 500 thousand test cycles, the OE product was damaged with significantly degraded performance.

Comparative onboard tests:

A mineral water bottle was put on the vika STO engine on board a vehicle. The ripples were small and the engine vibration was gentle during drives.

A mineral water bottle was put on the OE engine on board a vehicle. The ripples were large and the engine vibration was violent during drives.