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Golden Coupling Rod

Golden Coupling Rod

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    Golden Coupling Rod

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  • Applicable models:

    Skoda: OCT04-13/SUP08-13/YET10-13
    Audi: A3 09-13/A3CA08-13/AQ3 12-14/ATT11-14/RS3 11-13/TTRS10-14
    SEAT: ALT04-15/AL11-/LE11-

Common faults of the original coupling rod:

Due to the unreasonable design mechanics of the dust cover of the original front balance tie rod and easy aging, the swing angle of the ball pin inside the ball head is small and the wear speed is fast, which will easily cause abnormal noise after the car has driven 50,000km.

Improvements solutions of vika STO Golden Coupling Rod:

vika STO Golden Coupling Rod solves the unreasonable problem of the design mechanics of the original product, promises a warranty of 100,000 kilometers, and sells well in domestic and overseas markets.

Dust cover: Reform the double-layer form to reduce the wear and tear of the dust cover;

Ball: CR40 precision forged steel ball with higher strength is used, and the diameter of the ball is increased to φ22 mm, which increases the force-bearing area and improves the wear resistance and prolongs the service life of the product;

Tie rod: The diameter is increased from the original 10mm to 11mm, which increases the welding area and improves the pull-off force of the product.