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What are the symptoms of a broken ball cage?


The following symptoms may appear if a ball cage on a car fails:

1. Regular clatter sounds can be heard when the car turns or runs on bumpy roads, and loss of power may occur in serious cases. If clear clatter sounds are generated during turns, the external ball cage is probably broken. In rare cases, the symptom may be caused by a failed internal ball cage;

2. If clatter sounds are generated on bumpy roads, there is a strong possibility that the internal ball cage has failed. Such failure may also lead to noise when the car runs straightly. In most cases, the sounds are only heard in the course of acceleration, and are hardly heard during coasting;

3. In the case of a failed ball cage, there is no need to replace the whole semi-axle. Replacing the ball cage will be OK. After removing the semi-axle, check if the ball cage has any gap or dust, and replace the ball cage dust cover or the internal/external ball cage depending on actual needs.

vika ball cage

Advantages of vika ball cage:

1. CV joint The vika ball cage parts are both produced from 55# steel by means of cold extrusion and warm forging respectively, with an HRC hardness level of 58-62. The groove features a double-arc contact design. The holder and the inner race wheel are made of 20Crmnti, and provide 58-62 HRC hardness after tempering treatment.

2. Rubber bush :Using TPE material from OEM supplier Dupont, the rubber bush is able to function normally in the temperature range from -60°to +160°, leading to a service life three times as long as that of rubber counterparts, not to mention the weight reduction by one-third. The blow molding process guarantees high quality of 100% products and consistency in every batch.

3. Steel ball: Steel balls of the same size in line with OE standards from qualified OEM manufacturers are used for every vika ball cage.

4. Clamp: The fixing clamps for hard-molded TPE rubber bush are specialized products offered by OETlKER, the No. 1 brand among all global clamp OEMs known for its top-notch quality.

5. The lubricant of vika ball cage used contains more than 2.5% MoS2. The base oil is procured from a renowned domestic OEM manufacturer, and its superb resistance to ware and extreme temperatures ensures long operation of axle shaft assemblies in high-speed conditions.