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Steps for replacing a thermostat


A thermostat on a car serves as a valve that controls the flow path of engine coolant. Depending on the temperature of cooling water, it adjusts the amount of water entering the radiator automatically to maintain the engine temperature in an appropriate range during work, thus leading to reduced energy consumption.

Steps for replacing a thermostat:

1. Shut down the engine, and open the front engine hood. Disconnect the negative pole line of the battery. This is to prevent sudden startup of the electronic fan during maintenance and resulting injuries.

2. Remove the plastic cover on the external side of the timing belt. Since the engine is located in such a way to interfere with thermostat replacement, the engine assembly should be taken down first. Place a water collection tray under the car first, and then remove the water pipe.

3. The antifreeze may gush out after the water pipe is taken off. Be careful not to get scalded. The thermostat should be visible now. Remove the defective thermostat.

4. Install a new thermostat. A layer of sealant should be applied on the water pipe to prevent water leakage.

vika coolant thermostat

Advantages of vika coolant thermostat:

1. The housing of vika coolant thermostat is made by American DuPont PA66 and 30%GF, with engineering plastic to increase the strength.

2. vika coolant thermostat supplied two versions to meet customers' diverse requirements---87-87℃; 80-89℃.

3. The same manufacturer with FEBI, high quality guarantee.

4. 24 months warranty.