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Differences between air conditioning filter element and air filter element


1. Different matters to be filtered:
An air conditioning filter element filters out impurities in the air flowing into the car, whereas air filter element filters out dust and particles that enter the engine.

2. Different installation positions: An air filter element is installed in the engine compartment, whereas an air conditioning filter element is installed next to the air inlet of the air conditioner.

3. Different functions: A functional air filter element enables the engine to inhale required fresh and clean air while preventing dust from entering and wearing the cylinder and ensuring normal engine operation. A functional air conditioning filter element improves cleanliness level of the air, avoids penetration of various impurities in the air into the air conditioning system and the resulting damage, and creates an agreeable atmosphere for the driver and passengers.

vika air conditioning filter element

Advantages of vika air conditioning filter element:

Protection layer: PET saturated polyester with high resistance to shock and corrosion, high strength, and permanent protection for aluminum;

High-efficiency layer: 3M electrostatic electret HEPA for efficient filtering of ultra-fine particles with a removal ratio exceeding 95%;

Medium-efficiency layer: Electrostatic electret cotton with a PM2.5 filtering ratio of 90% and a higher dust-containing capacity;

Odor removal layer: Imported high-grade cocoanut active charcoal helps improve the physical absorption capacity by 300% and the catalytic decomposition capacity by 35 times, thus effectively eliminating harmful ingredients in vehicle exhaust (nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, etc.) and harmful gases generated by new vehicles (methylbenzene, formaldehyde, etc.).

Rough filter layer: Freudenberg long fiber is adopted for filtering out large particles such as dust and extending the service life of rear filter screens.