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What is the composition of an electronic fuel pump?


An electronic fuel pump consists of three parts: pump body, DC motor, and enclosure.

Electronic fuel pump is a device that continuously draws fuel out of a fuel tank and provides a fuel system with fuel at specified pressure and flow. Based on the function of electronic fuel pump, it is clear that performance of an electronic fuel pump will directly affect the working performance of the engine.

In a fuel supply system for an electric fuel injection engine, the electronic fuel pump is the "heart". It may be arranged in two ways in the fuel supply system. The first way is external mounting, that is, the fuel pump is connected in series in the fuel delivery pipes outside the fuel tank. The second way is built-in mounting, that is, the fuel pump is installed in the fuel tank and immersed in gasoline. In the latter layout, the fuel pump is easy to dissipate heat and has lower operation noise and a longer service life. It is therefore more widely used.

vika electronic fuel pump

Advantages of vika Electronic Fuel Pump:

1. Protection against electromagnetic interference: An electronic fuel pump in service may be disturbed by onboard electronics. The IFA-suppressing electronic devices in the vika electronic fuel pump help eliminate electronic interference.

2. High valve closing pressure: The closing pressure is typically in the range of 660~800 kpa, while that of original Bosch products is generally in 450~600 kpa.

3. New mapping function: The newly added mapping function helps maintain a full level of oil in the oil pump enclosure. It avoids failed oil pumping due to insufficient oil, and cools the pump core at any time, thus improving service life of the product effectively.