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Electronic Fuel Pump

vika Electronic Fuel Pump

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    Electronic Fuel Pump

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Common failures of Electronic Fuel Pump:

1. Poor oil quality, long gasoline filter replacement time:

Poor oil will lead to more impurities in the tank, easy to lead to fuel pump blockage, pump oil, long-term high load work eventually lead to failure.

2. Chronically driving with low fuel level

Fuel pump depends on gasoline cooling, long-term low oil level driving leads to fuel pump can not be cooled, reduce the service life.

3. Fill up the car every time

If you frequently drive in the city and can easily fill up, you don't need to fill up every time. Because this may cause oil slick and sensor failure, even lead to distortion of the fuel gauge and increase fuel consumption.

Advantages of vika Electronic Fuel Pump:

1. Protection against electromagnetic interference: An electronic fuel pump in service may be disturbed by onboard electronics. The IFA-suppressing electronic devices in the vika electronic fuel pump help eliminate electronic interference.

2. High valve closing pressure: The closing pressure is typically in the range of 660~800 kpa, while that of original Bosch products is generally in 450~600 kpa.

3. New mapping function: The newly added mapping function helps maintain a full level of oil in the oil pump enclosure. It avoids failed oil pumping due to insufficient oil, and cools the pump core at any time, thus improving service life of the product effectively.