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Reasons for abnormal sound of a wheel hub and precautions


Reasons for abnormal sound of a wheel hub:

1. Suspension system: including loose part, loose wheel hub screw, poor lubrication, rubber bushing damage or fatigue damage, and poor shock absorber function.

2. Axle system: including loose component, worn ball joint, poor lubrication, bent or cracked drive shaft, and worn wheel bearing.

How to prevent hub screws from loosening?

1. Before starting a trip, especially on freeways, always remember to inspect normal tyre pressure. Check if the tyres have been seriously worn and if the hub screws have loosened.

2. During a trip, refrain from listening to the radio or playing music for long, as this may distract you and prevent you from concentrating on driving. As the driver, you should closely follow the conditions of the car all the time, and watch out for any abnormal sound.

The advantages of vika wheel hub unit

The advantages of vika wheel hub unit:

1. Material:

Grease: The Kyodoyushi AF-1 grease designed specifically for vehicle hub bearing is adopted. It functions well even in harsh environment conditions (-20℃~170℃). Extreme pressure agent and oxidation-resistant stabilizing agent have been added for improved load capacity and protection against softening and leakage.

Steel ball: Every steel ball of vika wheel hub unit is arranged in proper angles and positions to ensure uniform clearance with the ball bearing. The balls are able to rotate smoothly and not easy to wear in normal operation status.

2. Process:

High-frequency quenching process: The high-frequency quenched layer in inner and outer rings is 2.5-3.5 mm in depth. A long service life of bearings is achieved through strict control of quenching depth and the resulting hardness.

Thermal treatment process: A bainite steel process leads to higher toughness while suppressing rotation-induced cracks for longer durability.

Turning process: In a mud water design, mud water may be easily thrown out. In contrast, an automatic CNC turning process not only ensures smooth and tough tool patterns and uniform chamfer on component surfaces, but also leads to high dimensional accuracy and stability of each component.

Rolling process: Rolling in strict accordance with OE standards results in a surface finish degree of Rz0.2. It may serve as a substitute for corresponding thermal treatment process.

Thread: The threads with smooth surface are characterized by excellent self-locking and wear resistance, easy assembly, and high strength.

Gear broaching: The broaching tool moves from the groove bottom diameter, and completes forming operation in a single travel. As the required tolerance of guide teeth is ensured, the teeth can be installed more accurately.

Rotary riveting: The rotary riveting mouth has an arc shape generated through spinning in compliance with OE standard.