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What are the advantages of vika braking pump cylinder?


1. Process advantages:

Because of a hard anodizing process adopted for the vika braking pump cylinder, the surface of vika braking pump cylinder is highly resistant to corrosion. The higher rigidity of the vika braking pump cylinder leads to stronger abrasive resistance of the cylinder hole and the piston, and consequently a longer service life.

Thanks to an advanced honing process, the requirements for original parts in terms of bore size and degree of finish are satisfied.

The trivalent chromium coating provides excellent protection and durability and a longer service life.

What are the advantages of vika braking pump cylinder?

2. Material advantages:

The vika braking pump cylinder is very robust with a tensile strength level of 300-320 MPa.
A light aluminum cylinder may be selected to reduce the total weight of a car. A rich variety of high-grade components are available, and all installation accessories are delivered together with the product.

The protective coating of vika braking pump cylinder is formed by the latest black finish without hexavalent chromium. It helps extend the service life of the master baking pump.

Anti-aging rubber seals and dustproof covers in line with original equipment technical specifications are provided.