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What are symptoms of a broken door lock block?


A broken door lock block on a car may lead to symptoms such as failed locking or jammed door. Although there are many variants of central control lock for cars, they generally have a similar structure consisting of door lock switch, door lock actuator, and door lock controller. If a central control lock system fails to lock the door, the failure is typically caused by a broken door actuator or controller.

A change of the door locking mechanism may result in a door lock failure, preventing the door from being closed. During disassembly of the door lock, the lock controller should be removed, as should the fixing card between the controller and the locking mechanism. After a new lock is installed, it should be carefully adjusted until the door can be opened/closed smoothly.

A door handle failure may also prevent the door from being closed. This is because the pull wires of the door handle may have been displaced, which makes it more difficult or even impossible to close the door. To solve this problem, just relax the pull wires slightly. Another possible cause of failure is the high friction between a door handle and a lock pillar. Coupled with poor lubrication after long use, such friction may result in the inability to close the door. This can be solved by adding some lubricant to the door lock.

vika door lock block

The advantages of vika door lock block:

The vika door lock blocks use engineering plastic polyformaldehyde as the gear material, and all matching micromotors and contact switches are manufactured by qualified OEMs. The products are therefore comparable to OE parts in quality. The benefits include fewer failures and a longer service life.