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What is the maintenance method of the Radiator frame?


Radiator frame normally refers to the radiator assembly on a car. It serves as an automobile cooling system. The radiator in an engine water cooling system consists of three parts: water intake chamber, water discharge chamber, and main body and core.

To maintain the radiator, first stop over and switch off the engine. After the coolant cools down, open the expansion radiator and fill cleaning agent. Switch on the engine. After the radiator fan is started, allow idle operation for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, switch off the engine again and remove the front bumper.

Always check that all fixing screws are taken down before proceeding with the removal slowly from both ends to the middle. Do not break the fastener. After the coolant is completely cooled down, drain the cleaning agent together with the coolant. Finally, fill new engine coolant.

DPA 6R0805588AA radiator frame

The advantages of DPA Radiator frame:

1. Material advantage of DPA Radiator frame

DPA Radiator frame Adopt PP+30% glass fiber;

This material has the characteristics of chemical resistance corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and proper toughness, ensuring that the product is not easily deformed;

Ensure that the lock carrier has a temperature resistance of 145 °C with long time.

2. Product detail advantages of DPA Radiator frame

The treatment of the rivet surface plating zinc alloy;

After long-term use, the rivet can also be kept from rusting.