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Where is the front grille on a car?


The front grille is typically located under the front bumper and in front of wheels (brake cooling unit) to facilitate ventilation of the driver’s cab. In some cases, it is found on the trunk lid (mostly on vehicles with rear engine). The grille often manifests itself as a unique element, and is used by many brands as a main brand logo.

DPA front grille

What are the advantages of DPA front grille?

1. Smooth surface: There are three electroplated coatings on the DPA front grille body;

2. Neat appearance: The surface is level, smooth, and even without any scratch, speckle, or air bubble.

3. High resistance to ageing: Thanks to a German gold stamping process with Kurz stamping paper, the DPA front grille can be used for 24 months without any discoloration or peeling;

4. All new ABS material: The product subject to plastic injection has a contraction ratio of 0.4% or lower. The design features a stable size without deformation or breaking.