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What are the advantages of vika hub unit?


Material of vika hub unit:

Grease: vika hub unit Japanese Kyodo AF-1 grease specially designed for automobile wheel hub bearings is used. It can be used safely even under harsh conditions (- 20° C~170° C). Extreme pressure additives and oxidation stabilizers have been added to enhance load capacity and to resist softening and leakage.

Steel ball: All steel balls of vika hub unit have the same radian and clearance with the ball bearing, and are spaced regularly. As a result, they rotate smoothly without blocking and provide strong wear resistance during operation.

What are the advantages of vika hub unit?

Process of vika hub unit:

High-frequency quenching process: The depth of high-frequency quenching layer of inner and outer rings is 2.5 to 3.5 mm. The quenching depth and hardness are both strictly controlled to ensure a long service life of bearings.

Heat treatment process: A bainite process of vika hub unit is adopted to increase toughness, thus preventing crack during rotation and prolonging the service life.

Turning process: The mud tank is designed so that the mud water can be easily thrown out; NC automatic turning not only ensures that the surface of each part is smooth and wear-resistant, and the chamfer is uniform, but also ensures that each part has high dimensional accuracy and strong stability.

In traditional muddy water grooves designs, muddy water may be easily thrown out. NC automatic turning not only ensures smooth and wear-resistant surface of every part, but also leads to high dimensional accuracy and strong stability.

Rolling process: OE standards are followed strictly, and the resulting surface rolling finish reaches Rz0.2. This process can be used in place of heat treatment process.

Thread: The thread surface is smooth with good self-locking and wear resistance, thereby facilitating assembly and leading to high strength.

Broaching: The broaching cutter ensures smooth shaping from the bottom diameter of the groove in a single cycle. As a result, the tolerance requirements of guide teeth can be met, and the installation of guide teeth is made more accurate.

Riveting: Riveting mouth is a circular arc shaped formed by spinning, and conforms to OE standard.