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How to deal with a leaky oil sump?


Solutions to a leaky oil sump:

1. If oil leakage occurs at the oil sump after replacement of engine oil, the fault may result from too low viscosity of the oil due to deviation of the new oil from specification of standard oil for the car.

2. Since excessive oil may also cause leakage, make sure that the amount of oil is within the normal range as indicated by the scale mark during refilling.

3. The oil drainage screw of the oil sump may have become loose or damaged. The gasket used in conjunction with the oil drainage screw serves a sealing purpose as well, and should be replaced regularly depending on the maintenance periods. Tighten or replace the oil drainage screw to solve the problem.

4. If the seal gasket of the oil sump exhibits local oil leakage, it has aged or degraded. In this case, the oil sump should be removed to replace the seal gasket or apply adhesive to the spot of local leakage.

vika oil span

Advantages of vika oil sump:

1. Advanced cutting: An advanced laser cutter is used to ensure precise material separation and consistent product thickness;

2. High stability: A four-column hydraulic press is used for stretching, edge cutting, punching, and deburring, thus achieving high stability of the vika oil sump;

3. OE quality: Thanks to plastic spraying, the part is even in appearance with a thickness comparable to OE parts;

4. Excellent resistance to rust: Antirust oil has been added to improve the rust resistance of screws and bolts.