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Oil Pan

vika Oil Pan

  • Product name:

    Oil Pan

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  • Applicable models:

    SKODA:KOD 17-/KODR 18-/OCT 13-17;18-/SUP 15-/
    VW:ART 17-/GOLF 13-17/PA 15-/PO 15-;18-/SHA 16-/TIG 16-;17-/TOU 16-/TROC 18-/
    Audi:A1 15-/A3 13-16;17-/A3CA 15-16;17-/AQ2 17-/ATT 15-/
    SEAT:AL 16-/AT 16-/LE 13-16;17-/IB 16-17/

Advantages of vika oil span:

High-class material: imported ADC12 aluminum ingots;

High-precision processing: Through mechanical processing in a high-end numerical control machining center, all mounting dimensions are more accurate;

Dense structure: The blank die-casting process with a high-end cold chamber die casting machine from LK Group (Hong Kong-based) leads to a denser aluminum structure.