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How often should an oil filter be replaced?


An oil filter is typically replaced after 5000 km of mileage or half a year. It is advisable to replace the oil and the oil filter at the same time.

The oil filter serves the main purpose of filtering out residues in the oil entering the automotive engine system and preventing the main oil circuit from being blocked by the residues during oil circulation. Such blocking may cause major damages. In serious cases, it may lead to breakdown of the engine or safety hazards on the road.

Attention should be paid to the following aspects during detachment and replacement of the oil filter:

An oil filter spanner or an appropriate special tool should be used to replace the filter element, thus avoiding damaging the connection silk mouth.

The installation surface of the oil filter must be inspected and cleaned thoroughly, otherwise oil leakage may occur after installation and lead to insufficient oil supply and other issues.

vika oil filter

Advantages of vika oil filter:

Filter element housing DuPont PA66+35%GF;

With Germany manufactured filter paper, same as OE part;

With fluorine rubber for seals between the housing and the cooler, featured in excellent resistance to flame, air penetration, high temperature, oil, solvent, fire, chemicals, and weathering.