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Is it a normal phenomenon that the shock absorber becomes hot during drives?


If the shock absorber on a car becomes hot on the road, it is not normal. This is because the shock absorber is composed of spring and hydraulic components, and some even use air shock absorbing parts. Therefore, there should be no heat generated by the shock absorber during drives.

The shock absorber generally works at room temperature. If it gets hot on the road, there may be an internal malfunction. Hydraulic oil leakage due to poor sealing of the shock absorber or failure of the internal spring of the shock absorber can cause such malfunction and excessive heat.

Internal blockage of the shock absorber can also prevent it from working normally and absorbing shock, resulting in excessive heat.

If the shock absorber becomes hot during drives, check for its normal function promptly.  If a malfunction is discovered, it should to be replaced in time to ensure driving safety and comfort.

vika shock absorber

Advantages of vika shock absorber:

Appearance: The vika shock absorber is based on a fully automatic mechanical welding process, which leads to more elegant appearance and more robust structure due to small weld joints and constant welding temperature, angle, and time. It is equipped with dust cover clips to achieve closer matching with the dust cover.

Piston rod of vika shock absorber:

Material: standard 45# steel

Process: mechanical processing (precision grinding) – high-frequency quenching – surface chromium plating

Performance: longer service life of the product (without oil leakage after long use)

Work cylinder: The work cylinder makes use of high-precision pipes (cold-drawn seamless steel pipes) with high internal surface processing accuracy.

Valve body: A self-locking nut process is adopted to keep the nut firm and prevent loosening. Consistent valve body damping force is therefore guaranteed for long.

Piston: The piston structure is well designed to ensure close contact between the piston and the working cylinder wall, eliminate oil leakage between them, and realize consistent damping force.

Valve plate of vika shock absorber: It is produced with the most advanced process, which leads to more compact structure. The damping force is adjusted by changing the liquid flow rate and valve plate opening angle. This design is more stable and features a longer service life.

Oil seal of vika shock absorber: It adopts world-class NOK oil seals that reduce friction between the piston rod and the oil seal and extend the lifespan of the seals and the product. The multi-lip oil seal design can effectively seal oil and high-pressure nitrogen, prevent ingress of external dust and dirt, and ensure high product quality and long lifespan.

Shock absorber oil: High-performance shock absorber oil is used, which provides good foam resistance and shear resistance, reduces idle travel of the product and wear of internal valve parts, and leads to a long service life. With excellent temperature/viscosity performance, the vika shock absorber is suitable for vehicles running in different regions and climatic conditions.