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Shock Absorber

vika Shock Absorber

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    Shock Absorber

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  • Applicable models:

    VW: PO10-18

Advantages of vika shock absorber:

Appearance: A fully automatic mechanical welding process characterized by small welded joints and constant welding temperature, angle, and duration leads to more elegant and robust products. A clip is used for tighter fit between the product and its dustproof cover.

Piston rod:

Material: standard 45# steel

Process: mechanical processing (precision grinding), high-frequency quenching, and chromium-plating.

Working cylinder: The working cylinder is produced with refined tubes (cold-drawn seamless steel tubes) with inner surface subject to high-precision treatment.

Valve body: A self-locking nut process prevents nuts from loosening effectively while maintaining a constant damping force level of the valve body for long.

Piston: The piston is designed in such a way to ensure close contact with the wall of the working cylinder and to eliminate oil leakage between them, thus achieving a stale damping force level.

Valve block: A more compact structure is created thank to the use of a latest process form.

Oil seal: World class NOK oil seal

Oil: Provide good resistance to foaming and shear loads. It helps reduce idle stroke of the product and wear of internal valve parts, thus contributing to longer life of the product.