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Why does an auto water sprayer fail to eject sufficient water?


Possible reasons for failure of an auto water sprayer to eject sufficient water:

To find the cause of failure, first check if there is a lack of washer fluid, and then determine if the water spraying motor has malfunctioned.

Possible reasons for failure of an automotive water sprayer to eject sufficient water and corresponding solutions:

1. Check if the windshield washer fluid has been used up. If the water in the water sprayer is too dirty or has deteriorated, the resulting impurities may block the spraying pipes of the windshield wipers.

2. Check the pipe from the pump to the spraying nozzle. If no leakage or blocking is found, the problem may be caused by insufficient RPM or pressure of the pump. In this case, the pump has to be replaced.

3. Straighten a paper clip, insert it gently into the spraying nozzle, and move it back and forth. Next, turn on the windshield wipers and spray water. The problem can be fixed in normal cases (note: the thickness of the clip should match the diameter of the water outlet. Do not exert excessive force, as this may damage the water outlet).

DPA water sprayer

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