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What is the purpose of fuel-gas separator?


Fuel-gas separator is an important part on a car. It is used to separate fuel and gas mixture generated in the engine, and prevent it from entering the car's exhaust system and the ambient environment. During operation of the engine, large amounts of exhaust gas and small amounts of fuel vapor are generated. If such fuel-gas mixture is directly discharged into the atmosphere, it will not only pollute the air, but also affect normal operation of the engine.

The fuel-gas separator on a car separates fuel and gas mixture through physical or chemical methods, and allows fuel and gas to enter different pipelines, thereby purifying exhaust gas and recovering fuel. It not only contributes to environment protection, but also improves the fuel efficiency of cars and extends the service life of the engine and the exhaust system.

In addition, the fuel-gas separator can effectively prevent accumulation of carbon and generation of sludge in the engine, reducing damage to the engine. It can also improve the power performance and stability of the car, reduce exhaust emissions, and ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

vika fuel-gas separator

Advantages of vika fuel-gas separator:

1. Pressure relieve valve: The vika fuel-gas separator uses a double-layer pressure relief valve to better control the pressure interaction with the cylinder head.

2. Drain hole: The 3 mm drain hole keeps impurities from blocking oil passage, prevents oil leakage, and leads to smoother oil return.

3. Diaphragm: With a diaphragm made of fluorosilicone and polyethylene terephthalate, vika fuel-gas separator features a longer service life and effective suppression of noise.