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What are the consequences of a failure of an oil cooler assembly?


Oil cooler assembly is an important part in the engine cooling system of a car. It serves the main purpose of maintaining normal operating temperature of the engine by cooling the oil. A failed oil cooler assembly can cause the following problems:

Engine overheating: A failed oil cooler assembly can affect normal circulation and cooling effect of oil, and consequently lead to engine overheating. Once overheated, the engine may experience degraded performance or even damage.

Oil contamination: A failed oil cooler assembly may prevent normal cooling function of oil, resulting in oil deterioration and contamination. Contaminated engine oil can affect the lubrication effect of the engine and speed up engine wear.

Engine performance degradation: A failed oil cooler assembly can lead to excessive engine operating temperature, and impact engine performance and combustion efficiency, resulting in lower engine power and higher fuel consumption.

Engine failure: If a failure of an oil cooler assembly is ignored for long, the engine may malfunction. In severe cases, the engine may become useless.

vika oil cooler

Advantages of vika oil cooler:

1. Product appearance: The surface of vika oil cooler is smooth thanks to fine processing.

2. Product brazing process: The whole brazing process of vika oil cooler consists of three stages: heating, temperature maintenance, and cooling. The vacuum degree inside the furnace is controlled throughout the entire process. A production cycle usually lasts for about eight hours. This brazing process ensures high stability of the product.