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What are possible reasons for a steering gear failure?


1. Water penetration into the steering gear
When a car runs through a puddle, water may enter the steel gear, causing abnormal noise and electric circuit failure.

2. Abnormal wear of gear and rack
If the bearing capacity of the gear is low and the rack is in a floating state, the angle between the gear and the rack may change under impact, leading to poor engagement.

3. Steering gear design defect
Damage due to poor engagement or abnormal contact between the gear and the rack may result in failure of the steering gear.

vika steering gear

Advantages of vika steering gear:

1. Shell:
The shell of vika steering gear is made of ZL111 aluminum alloy, which features excellent casting quality, high resistance to hot cracking, less line shrinkage, and high airtightness. The product surface is flat and elegant without any burrs, and has precisely processed threads.

2. Gear:
The gear of vika steel gear assembly has received additional magnetic testing and sandblasting treatment to eliminate cracks and ensure stable mechanical performance.

3. Racket:
The rack of vika steering gear assembly is made of 40Cr precision forged steel. A one-time teeth milling process is adopted to guarantee precise tooth pitch.