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How to maintain air filter elements?


1. Air filter element is the core part of a filter. It is made of special materials and easy to wear. Special maintenance and servicing are therefore required for filter elements;

2. After a filter is used for an extended period, a certain quantity of impurities has been retained by the filter element, leading to higher pressure and lower flow. The filter element should be cleaned in time in this case;

3. While cleaning a filter element, caution should be exercised to avoid deformation or damage.

The service life of a filter element is generally dependent on the raw material used. Since the impurities in the air can block it after long-term use, it should be replaced at regular intervals. The typical replacement interval is three months for PP elements, and six months for active carbon elements. Filter elements made of fiber are non-cleanable, and are therefore often used downstream of PP cotton and active carbon devices to prevent clogging. The service life of ceramic filter elements is often as long as 9-12 months.

Filter paper is also a key part in a filtering system. High-grade filters often make use of ultra-thin fiber paper filled with synthetic resin, which helps effectively screen out impurities while providing a high waste storage capacity. Statistics show that during thirty thousand kilometers of mileage, the filters on a passenger vehicle with a rated power output of 180 kW can filter out about 1.5 kg impurities. High strength is another critical requirement for filter paper. The filter paper should be strong enough to resist high air flows, thus ensuring efficient filtering and extending the service life of filtering devices.

vika air filter elements

Advantages of vika air filter elements:

1. Air outlet surfaces: On the seal ring and in the installation point, polyurethane foam sealing agent (double-ingredient polyurethane PU glue) is applied to bond filter paper for sealing.

2. Filter paper: mainly for intercepting and filtering impurities.

3. Air inlet surfaces: The binder (PO) ensures airtightness between filter paper pieces.
PU glue provides good sealing when a vika filter element is loaded into an enclosure. The required Shore hardness for the PU glue is 25±3. In contrast, in products of other brands, air leakage may occur due to inadequate foaming.
Filter paper bonding: After the paper is folded, the hot melt glue should be applied evenly on both sides. Bonding should be completed in the time period corresponding to optimum status of the glue (3S).