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What are the functions of a front grille on a car?


A front grille on a car serves multiple purposes, which mainly include brand symbol, ventilation, protection, and decoration. Next, Tantivy will lead you into some details about grille.

1. Brand symbol

In modern automobile industry, the grille has long been regarded as a symbol of vehicle brand and identity. Every brand features its own grille style. The grille is often designed as a unique element. It is adopted by many models as part of brand logo.

2. Ventilation

The main practical function of the grille is providing intake air ventilation for parts like radiator, engine, and air conditioner. It is most located in the front section on most models. It may also be arranged below front bumper or in front of wheels to facilitate ventilation of the driver’s cab. 

3. Protection

The grille can prevent internal parts of the car from being damaged by foreign articles such as leaves or large objects during drive. In this way, it helps protect the radiator and the engine.

4. Decoration

Grille also appears as a decorative part. Since every car brand has its own grille pattern, an elegant grille contributes greatly to overall aesthetics of a car. Grille retrofitting is also easy. A car owner can select a desired grille that well matches the general profile of the car. Taking the front grille of Tantivy DPA designed for VW TIG 12-18 model as an example, it has no marker strip, and features double decorative strips in satin black and bright chrome colors. While adding to geometrical smoothness and continuity of the vehicle body, it leads to more elegant appearance and stronger expression of characters. However, a too independent grille may affect the sense of wholeness and balance.

DPA front grille

Advantages of DPA Front Grille:

Grille Strips: Sprayed with three coatings by means of electroplating.

Neat appearance: The surface is smooth and flat without any scratch, stain, or air bubble.

Excellent anti-aging effect: Owing to a Kurz gold stamping process and foils introduced from Germany, the grille won’t fade or peel in normal conditions.

New ABS material: The product after injection molding has a compression ratio not exceeding 0.4%. It is designed with a stable size without any deformation or breaking.