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Common faults of automotive electronic fan and troubleshooting


Fault 1: The electronic fan fails to run during drives

Solution: The electronic fan remains off because the engine water is not hot enough. An engine diagnostics instrument can be used to test the function of the electronic fan. The circuit is OK if the electronic fan can rotate normally. Next, check the thermostat.

Fault 2: The electronic fan fails to run and the air conditioner fails to function normally

Solution: First examine the temperature control switch of the electronic fan. If there is no problem with the switch, check if the electronic fan itself has failed. Only a functional electronic fan can provide required heat dissipation for the air conditioning evaporator and cooling for the air conditioning system.

Common faults of automotive electronic fan and troubleshooting

Fault 3: The engine electronic fan fails to run in high-speed range

Solution: In most cases, high water temperature of the engine is caused by failed start of the electronic fan. After the fault of the electronic fan is eliminated, the water temperature will return to a normal level. If the electronic fan does not work, first check if the connector is in poor contact. Next, inspect the power supply and grounding of the electronic fan, and check if the fan has been stuck and if the fan motor has burned out.

Fault 4: Loud noise of the air conditioner electronic fan

Solution: Check If any part of the fan shell has been scraped. Check for any sign of fan blade deformation, bearing damage, or ingress of foreign matters into the fan.