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What are the symptoms of a failed headlight?


The symptoms of a failed headlight:

1. After a headlight is switched on during a drive at night, it is bright in the first two hours of operation, and then gradually grows darker, the light intensity varying with engine RPM. If the engine is turned off, it can’t be restarted with the starter. This failure may persist even the next day.

2. After a headlight is switched on, its wires become hot, with a smell of burning plastic or bakelite. In serious cases, the harness may be burned up or a fire accident may occur.

3. After a headlight is switched on of off, it won’t light up or go out.

4. The fuse is blown and the ammeter is burned out. Even the charging circuit may be burned out.

5. If many electrical devices are used or if the generator remains overloaded for an extended period, the generator’s diodes and coils may be burned out, preventing further power generation.

Advantages of DPA Headlight

Advantages of DPA Headlight:

Lampshade: The lampshade is produced from imported Bayer PC material in a double injection mold process. The imported surface coating material is subject to UV hardening. It provides excellent se antioxidation and light transmission, and protects the lights against yellowing in 2 years, thus contributing to safer driving;

Lamp housing: made of original PP material not prone to oxidization;

Lamp bowl: A new BMC material with a high level of rigidity and strength is used, which provides satisfactory mold shrinkage and dimensional accuracy, thereby effectively guaranteeing stable light shapes;

Bulb: The bulb wire harnesses are original parts with more stable, safer, and more endurable performance;

Product Qualification: DPA tail lights have passed the EU E-mark certification, and the product quality is guaranteed.