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DPA Headlights

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    VW: PA15-

Advantages of DPA Headlight:

Lampshade: The lampshade is produced from imported Bayer PC material in a double injection mold process. The imported surface coating material is subject to UV hardening. It provides excellent se antioxidation and light transmission, and protects the lights against yellowing in 2 years, thus contributing to safer driving;

Lamp housing: made of original PP material not prone to oxidization;

Lamp bowl: A new BMC material with a high level of rigidity and strength is used, which provides satisfactory mold shrinkage and dimensional accuracy, thereby effectively guaranteeing stable light shapes;

Bulb: The bulb wire harnesses are original parts with more stable, safer, and more endurable performance;

Product Qualification: DPA tail lights have passed the EU E-mark certification, and the product quality is guaranteed.