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Window Regulator

Window Regulator

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    Window Regulator

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    Skoda : FAB00-08

Common faults of the original window regulator:

The original parts are easy to cause lifting failure, which affects the ride comfort and safety.

Improvement solutions of DPA STO Window Regulator:

DPA STO window regulator improves the design defect of the original product, solves the problem of easy damage of the glass regulator, guarantees the quality of the product for 30,000 times of lifting, and has a national invention patent.

Rubber Strip Thickness: Increased from the original 2.32mm to 3.3mm, and the installation depth of the rubber strip increased from the original 30mm to 50mm, the glass installation position is accurate and stable, and there will be no looseness or shaking;

Upgraded structure: The original right-angle trusteeship form is improved to a pulley form with a diameter of 42.6mm, and the sliding friction is changed to rolling friction, which reduces the working friction of the product, makes the wire rope work more smoothly, and prolongs the service life;

Pulley diameter: Increased from 31.5mm to 42.6mm in the original factory, increasing the girth length, reducing the number of pulley rotations, and prolonging the service life;

Guide rail width: Increased from 31.42mm in the original factory to 35.44mm, with stronger bearing capacity and less deformation, ensuring stable product performance;

Steel wire rope: use the original 8 strands*7 wires + center strand 1 strand*19 wires-Φ1.5mm form steel wire, the pull-off force is increased to 200KG, compared with the 7 strands*7 wires-Φ1.5mm steel wire rope used by other brands in the market, DPA window regulator maximizes the service life of the product.