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Tail Light

DPA Tail Light

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    Tail Light

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    VW: GOLF20-

Advantages of  DPA Tail Light :

Lampshade: An acrylic (PMMA) material is used with excellent optic performance, a light transmittance level of 90%-92%, and a refractivity level of 1.49. The hard surface is protected against color fading in 5 years. By contrast, other brands use AS material prone to oxidization, color fading, and cracking;

Lamp housing: An original ABS material is adopted to ensure high plasticity and consistent installation dimensions;

Reflector: The reflector comprised of PC/PET material and high-luminance aluminum plating is brighter than its predecessors;

Circuit board: The board is based on original technology. LED lights go on quickly (<1MS). The board features a high level of safety and a long service life.

Core issues solved by the DPA taillight: color fading and cracking.

Product Qualification: DPA tail lights have passed the EU E-mark certification, and the product quality is guaranteed.