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What’s the difference between filter and filter element?


The difference between filter and filter element:

Different functions: The purpose of filter is eliminating metal particles and impurities in air compressor oil, and ensuring cleanness of oil circulation systems and safe operation of machines. The purpose of filter element is eliminating dust and impurities in air inhaled by air compressors, and ensuring an adequate service life of oil/gas separation cores and oil.

Different filtering methods: A filter realizes filtering with sponge and paper grid. A filter element makes use of superfine fiber and absorbent cotton for filtering. In a filter, filter paper retains impurities or gas. In a filter element, polluted air is cleaned adequately to meet production or living requirement.

What’s the difference between filter and filter element?

Advantages of vika filter repair kit:

Oil Filters: Use the same type of German imported filter paper as OE;

Fuel Filters: Deeply filter iron oxide, dust and other solids in fuel to remove impurities;

Air Filters: Very tight filter layer can filter more dust;

Cabin Filters: High-quality coconut shell activated carbon PM2.5 cabin filter element is used to effectively intercept harmful substances and PM2.5 particles, multiple filtration, extreme purification, and a healthy driving environment for you.