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Functions and common faults of engine cylinder head


An engine cylinder head is used to seal a cylinder and forma combustion chamber. A side-mounted valve engine cylinder head consists of cast parts like water jacket, water inlet hole, water outlet hole, spark plug hole, bolt hole, and combustion chamber. In a top-mounted valve engine cylinder head, in addition to cooling water jacket, there are parts like valve device and intake and exhaust channels.

Functions of engine cylinder head:

Engine cylinder head is an air distribution mechanism in the internal combustion engine system. It is mainly used to seal the upper part of the cylinder and form the combustion chamber. It also supports the camshaft, rocker shaft and intake and exhaust pipes. It sucks air into the cylinder, where the spark plug ignites the combustible mixture and the piston is driven to work. The exhaust gas is discharged from the exhaust pipe.

Common faults of engine cylinder head:

Too large or too small valve clearance can result in abnormal valve noise. The camshaft position sensor on the cylinder head may fail, but such failure is rare. Valve failure is more common. Another big problem is mixture of oil and water, which is typically caused by a penetrating scratch on the joint surface between the cylinder head and the cylinder, or a cylinder gasket that is not tightly sealed. In this case, the engine needs to be disassembled for repair.

Functions and common faults of engine cylinder head

Advantages of vika engine cylinder head:

Raw materials: The engine cylinder head is cast with high-end aluminum alloy AC4B raw material with higher resistance to cold and hot loads and excellent chemical and thermal aging stability, making the product more durable.

Process: Manufacturing of the engine cylinder head involves 28 processes, each of which is accompanied by full inspection, leading to dimensional tolerance of 0.002 MM, good dimensional stability and accuracy, and more elegant appearance.

Top quality: Design and manufacturing processes are completely in line with OE standards. The highest reliability is guaranteed through reliability and performance tests.