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Reasons for frequent startup of an electronic fan on a car


Such phenomenon may result from wrong signals of an engine coolant temperature sensor that cause the engine control unit to believe that the engine coolant is too hot and to start the heat-dissipating fan for engine protection. Another possible reason is short circuit of the power supply circuit of the heat-dissipating fan. Since the fault detector on hand is unable to communicate with the car, it is not possible to directly read data from the engine coolant temperature sensor. Given that the engine failure indicator remains off and that the engine is cold started normally, the possibility of wrong signals from an engine coolant temperature sensor is ruled out. A decision is therefore made to examine the power supply circuit of the heat-dissipating fan.

Troubleshooting: The car was started again after replacing the heat-dissipating fan controller. After the ignition switch is turned on, the heat-dissipating fan didn’t start frequently any more, and worked normally when the engine coolant became hotter. The fault was therefore eliminated.

Common problems of Electrical Fans

vibration, much noise and short service life.

Solutions of much noise:

A. De-noising design

B. OE certified material


Solutions of vibration:

A. vika motor balancing design: vika motor rotors use the world's advanced automatic production process and laminated riveting technology to ensure that the motor can keep the rotor balance and armature performance under high speed rotation.

B. Fan blade material and balancing test: fans made entirely of OE certified materials have undergone rigorous balance tests to ensure accurate balance under different operating conditions.

C. Fan complete balancing design: after ensuring the balance of the two core components of the motor and fan, vika performs a critical assembly balance design on each combination of the fan motor assembly. The test simulates different operating conditions to make the test more rigorous.

Solutions of short service life:

A. Unique Graphite Carbon Brush Technique is the fundamental guarantee of vika fan motor long service life, and thus establishes a new quality standard of fan motor.

B. Intelligent Electronic Module: vika fan motor adopts the world's leading OE electronic control module technology. The upgraded intelligent electronic module can make the motor start gently, and ensure the precise rotation of the motor under various working conditions, improve the use efficiency and reduce the engine power loss.