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What is automotive ball head?


What is commonly known as "ball head" is officially called “ball joint”. It is actually a joint device used on cars.

An automobile ball head realizes power transmission via the same or different shafts through a spherical connection, and enables polygon rotation. It can make the steering mechanism turn flat and reduce vibration. As an automobile part, it is also known as a universal joint. It is a mechanical structure that uses a ball shape to transmit power to different shafts. Coupling is an important automobile part. It is combined with a drive shaft, and together called coupling transmission.

Function of ball head:

It is an important part at the joint of connecting rod suspension and balance bar of a car, and is mainly used for automobile suspension and force transmission of the balance bar. If undulations or holes are generated on the left and right wheels running on the same road surface, the stabilizer bar will not work. However, if the left and right wheels pass through different road surfaces and generate undulations or holes, causing them to be on different height, shaft torsion will occur and the rolling of the vehicle body will be suppressed. Unlike a hard spring that contributes to stiffness all the time, the stabilizer bar only causes stiffness when it functions. Control of the roll of the car body is therefore completely realized by the spring.

What is automotive ball head?

Advantages of vika vertical ball head:

1. Authentic material: The dust cover is made of neoprene with favorable grease-proof and anti-aging properties. The spherical shell made of 45# steel provides high strength.

2. Higher resistance to corrosion: The zinc/nickel alloy coating creates a smooth and aesthetic appearance while providing good anti-corrosion effect.

3. Higher level of quality assurance.