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What are four filters on a car?


Four filters on a car refer to air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and air conditioner filter.

Functions of four filters on a car:

1.Oil filter: It filters out harmful impurities from the engine oil in the oil sump, and serves lubrication, cooling, and cleaning purposes. It helps prolong the service life of components;

2. Air filter: It filters out harmful impurities from the air entering the cylinder, and reduces early wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve, and valve seat;

3. Air conditioner filter: It discharges air in the car and filters out dust, impurities, smoke, and pollen, thus protecting the health of passengers and preventing the windshield from fogging easily;

4. Fuel filter: It filters out solid impurities in the fuel, thus providing protection for the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner, and piston ring, reducing wear and avoiding blocking.

vika air filter element

vika air filter element:

PU rubber foam:

vika air filter element: The PU rubber filter element housing provides a good sealing effect. The required PU hardness is 25±3 (Shore hardness);

Products of other brands: Inadequate foaming leads to air leakage.

Filter paper bonding:

vika air filter element: During filter paper processing, the heat melt adhesive is evenly applied on both sides of the filter paper, and paper bonding is completed at the optimal time for hot melt adhesive bonding (3S);

Products of other brands: Cracking and leakage of heat melt adhesive may result in defective products.