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Symptoms of Severe Carbon Buildup in the Intake Manifold


The car's intake manifold primarily distributes the air and fuel mixture from the carburetor or throttle body to the intake ports of each cylinder.

Severe carbon buildup in the engine's intake manifold can lead to poor air intake, causing an overly rich fuel mixture. This results in diminished engine performance, noticeable shaking, significant power loss, and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, if the engine shows signs of decreased power or increased fuel consumption, it is essential to check for carbon buildup in the intake manifold and clean it promptly.

Cleaning the intake manifold does not cause any harm. On the contrary, neglecting to clean it when there is significant carbon buildup can negatively affect the engine's normal operation. The carbon buildup in the intake manifold mainly comes from the oil vapor separated by the crankcase oil separator. When there is severe carbon buildup, it can disrupt the normal intake airflow of the engine. In extreme cases, it can even block the engine's intake. Additionally, if the carbon particles fall into the engine along with the airflow, they might cause engine damage.

vika Intake Manifold

Advantages of vika Intake Manifold:

The vika intake manifold is made of imported material, BASF PA66-GF30, for injection molding, which is more heat-resistant and has higher load-bearing strength. It also has excellent chemical and thermal aging stability, making the product more durable.
The vika intake manifold is welded using the imported EMERSON welding machine from the USA. The dimensional tolerance can reach as low as 0.02 mm, ensuring good dimensional stability for precise and more aesthetically pleasing results.

The middle shaft of the flap of vika intake manifold is made of stainless steel, making it more wear-resistant and longer-lasting.

The vika intake manifold offers superior overall strength and sealing, featuring a more stable control valve for the flap shaft.