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What is the purpose of intake manifold?


The purpose of engine intake manifold is to distribute combustible mixture from the carburetor to each cylinder, and to collect exhaust gas from each cylinder after each operation cycle and send it to the exhaust manifold and muffler before it is discharged into the atmosphere.

Symptoms of a failed engine intake manifold:

1. If the engine intake manifold fails, it will cause air leakage and abnormal noise in the intake manifold. The car will be unstable in idle state, experience vibration, and may easily  stall. In severe cases, the car may fail to start.

2. In normal conditions, the intake volume of the engine is generally stable. But in the case of leaky intake manifold, the intake volume of the engine will be insufficient, and the fuel of the engine cannot be fully mixed with the air. As a result, the engine will experience insufficient power, causing harder acceleration during driving.

3. A leaky intake manifold will result in abnormal internal operation of the engine. Besides causing the engine to stall easily, it may increase the noise of the exhaust manifold.

vika 06J133201AR intake manifold

Advantages of vika intake manifold:

The vika intake manifold uses imported BASF PA66-GF30 material subject to injection molding, which is more resistant to high temperature and features higher load strength. It has excellent chemical and thermal aging stability, and is therefore more durable.

The vika intake manifold is welded using an EMERSON welding machine imported from the USA, with a minimum dimensional tolerance of 0.02 mm, leading to good dimensional stability, accuracy and aesthetics.

The intermediate shaft of the vika intake manifold flap is made of stainless steel material, which is more wear-resistant and has a longer lifespan.

The vika intake manifold provides high-strength sealing, and the swing blade shaft control valve is more stable.