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Where is the throttle valve on a car?


The throttle valve is usually located at the engine intake of the car, lying behind the engine air filter element and in front of the intake manifold.

Purpose of throttle valve:

Throttle valve is a controllable valve that is designed to control air flowing into and out of the engine. After entering the engine, air will be mixed with gasoline to form a gas mixture that generates power for the engine.

vika throttle valve

Advantages of vika throttle valve:

Net technology: return spring structure

The vika throttle valve dispenses with the traditional two-stage structure, and uses imported 304 stainless steel material. It has passed 7.5 million cycles of fatigue test with high fatigue strength.

Net technology: angle position sensor

The vika throttle valve features enhanced interference resistance and can effectively prevent damage caused by static electricity to chips. 360-degree signal reception ability leads to higher accuracy and sensitivity.

New product: throttle valve flap

vika throttle valve: Anodizing treatment reduces oil adhesion.

New material: transmission gear

vika throttle valve: The combination of PA66, GF30, and PTFE15% materials leads to lower friction coefficient and smoother gear operation.