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What are possible reasons for violent vibration of an automotive electronic fan?


Violent vibration of an automotive electronic fan may result from severe carbon accumulation in the engine, ignition system issues, unstable oil pressure, or aging of engine components. Specifically:

Severe carbon accumulation in the engine: In the case of excessive carbon deposit inside the engine, the gasoline injected by the cold-start fuel injector will be absorbed by the carbon in large amounts, causing the cold-start mixture to be very thin, and making it difficult to start the engine. In this case, startup can only become easier after the gasoline absorbed by the carbon is saturated. After startup, the gasoline adsorbed by the carbon will be sucked into the cylinder due the engine's vacuum suction and combust there, making the mixture denser. The changes between low and high levels of combustible mixture in the engine can lead to idle vibration after cold start. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil required for cold start, and the bigger impact the carbon deposit will have on smooth cold starting.

Ignition system issues: Check the working condition of the spark plug, high-voltage conductor, and ignition coil. Poor operation of the ignition system and the spark plug can also lead to violent vibration of the electronic fan.

Unstable oil pressure: Violent vibration of the electronic fan may also be caused by abnormal oil supply pressure of the oil pump or incorrect reading and poor operation of the intake pressure sensor.

vika 6R0959455C electronic fan

Solutions to vibration adopted for vika electronic fan:

1. Anti-vibration design of the vika electronic fan motor: An globally leading fully automatic production process is adopted for the production of vika motor rotor, and a composite riveting technology is used to ensure rotor balance and good iron core performance during high-speed rotation of the engine.

2. Material selection and balanced design of vika electronic fan: All fan materials have been OE certified and have received rigorous balance testing to ensure accurate balance of the fan under different operating and RPM conditions.

3. Balanced design of the fan motor assembly. Besides ensuring the balance between the motor and the fan as two core components, vika adopts a key balanced design for every fan motor assembly, and different working conditions are simulated during test to meet more rigorous standards.