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What are possible symptoms of a failed thermostat assembly?


Symptoms of a failed thermostat assembly:

Excessively high or low water temperature: When the thermostat fails, it can cause too high or too low water temperature, and consequently the water temperature warning light will go on.

Weaker engine power: The engine power will be reduced.

Abnormal reading of water temperature meter: The water temperature meter reading will become inaccurate. It may remain in a fixed temperature range and unaffected by actual water temperature changes.

Rapid temperature fluctuations: During drives, the dial needle on the water temperature meter may swing rapidly.

Abnormal air conditioner function: An engine thermostat failure can affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner, preventing normal cooling during startup.

Methods for determining a thermostat assembly failure:

Observe the radiator water flow: After cold starting the car, open the water inlet cover of the radiator and observe the flow of cooling water.

Observe reading of the water temperature meter: Monitoring changes of the reading of the water temperature meter, such as temperature rise rate at a water temperature below 80℃.

Feel water temperature with hand: Feel the water temperature difference between water inlet and outlet pipes, which should be significant in normal cases.

Detach and test the thermostat: Detach the thermostat and test it by heating it in water.

vika thermostat assembly

Advantages of vika thermostat assembly:

1. The shell of vika thermostat assembly is made of DuPont PA66 and 30% fiberglass, and engineering plastic material is used for higher strength.

2. Two versions (87-87℃ and 80-89℃) are offered to meet different customer requirements.

3. All vika thermostat assembles are manufactured by the same manufacturer as FEBI, thus ensuring high quality.

4. 24-month warranty is provided!