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What is the purpose of oil cooler assembly?


Oil cooler assembly is designed to cool lubricant oil and control its temperature within a normal working range. An oil cooler is necessary for high-power engines due to high thermal load. During engine operations, as the temperature increases, the oil grows thinner with lower viscosity, and the lubrication performance degrades accordingly.

For this reason, an oil cooler is mounted on some engines to cool the oil and maintain certain viscosity. The oil cooler is arranged on circulation oil pipelines in the lubrication system, and works on the same principle as radiator.

Where is oil cooler installed on a car?

The oil cooler is typically installed near the radiator. In some cases, an oil cooler may be placed next to the pipe connected to the oil filter element base. On some models, the water jacket in the engine is used for heat dissipation.

1. Oil cooler is a device intended for accelerating heat dissipation of lubricant oil and preventing it from becoming hot;

2. For powerful engines with high performance and high power, an oil cooler is required due to heavy thermal load;

3. The oil cooler is arranged in the lubricant oil circuit, and works on the same principle as radiator.

What is the purpose of oil cooler assembly?

Advantages of vika oil cooler assembly:

1. The filter shell is made of the world famous brand engineering plastic expert DuPont PA66+35%GF;

2. Cooler body material the aluminum alloy 3003 from OE manufacturer;

3. The sealing ring between the shell and the cooler adopts the fluorine rubber sealing ring, which has excellent fire resistance, air tightness, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance.

4. Oil Filter with Flange adopt the same technology of OE welding technology, the tolerance could be controlled at the minimum level as 0.05MM.