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What is the function of an automotive coupling rod?


Function of a coupling rod on a car:

When the left and right wheels have different horizontal heights, in order to prevent torsion of the bar body, the coupling rod will produce anti-roll resistance to suppress rolling of the car body. This means if the suspensions on the left and right sides move up and down synchronously, the coupling rod will not work. It will only work when the two suspensions move up and down in a nonsynchronous way due to bumpy road or too large turning angle.

Symptoms of a broken coupling rod:

When the coupling rod on the car is broken, the lateral stability function will fail, and the tilt angle during turning will increase.

The car may overturn under extreme circumstances. When the car turns, the stabilizer bar may contact a part, causing certain damage to it and affecting normal performance of the car.

What is the function of an automotive coupling rod?

vika STO golden coupling rod solves the existing problems of original coupling rod:

vika STO golden coupling rod unreasonable mechanical design of the original stabilizer bars and provides a warranty that covers 100 thousand kilometers. It is therefore very popular in both domestic and foreign markets.

Dust cover: A new two-layer structure is used to reduce the possibility of pull-off, wear, and breaking.

Ball: A CR40 precision forged steel ball with higher strength is adopted, and the diameter (φ) of the ball has been increased to 22 mm, leading to a larger stress area, better wear resistance, and a longer service life of the product.

Bar: The diameter has been increased from the original 10 mm to 11 mm, resulting in a wider welding area and improved product pull-off resistance.