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What are the reasons for the short service life of an automotive electronic fan?


Possible reasons for short service life of an automotive electronic fan:

High temperature environment: As the temperature in the engine compartment of a car is high, fan, motor, and other components working in such environments for a long time are prone to overheating and damage.

Frequent start/stop: Frequent start/stop operations can make an automotive electronic fan more susceptible to impact, which may accelerate its wear and lead to a shorter service life.

Engine shutdown immediately after parking: Some car owners are accustomed to turning off the engine immediately after parking. In this case, the electronic fan will suddenly stop rotating, causing additional impact on the fan components.

Lot of dust from the environment: During driving, a large amount of dust is inhaled by the fan. If the fan components and the radiator are not cleaned in time, dust will accumulate on the fan blades and the motor, interfering with their normal operation.

Problem of the engine cooling system: If there is a problem with the car's engine cooling system, the engine may become overheated, and the fan needs to work longer to lower the temperature. This will accelerate its wear.

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vika solutions to short service life of electronic fans:

The unique high-quality graphite carbon brush technique is the essential guarantee of the long service life of vika electronic fan motors, setting a new quality standard for such products.

The vika fan motors are based on a cutting-edge OE electronic control module technology. The upgraded intelligent electronic module enables smooth motor startup while ensuring precise motor rotation in different working conditions. The benefits include higher operation efficiency and reduced motor power consumption.