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What is the structure of a cylinder liner quartet?


Cylinder liner quartet is an important component of automotive engine. It consists of four parts: cylinder liner, piston, piston rings, and piston pin. These parts provide different functions, and work in conjunction to ensure normal operation and performance of the engine.

Cylinder liner is a cylindrical component installed in the engine cylinder block to protect and support the cylinder wall. The quality of the cylinder liner has direct implications for the sealing and heat dissipation performance of the engine. Therefore, choosing appropriate material and processing technology is crucial for the performance of the engine.

The piston is a part that moves up and down in the cylinder liner. Connected to the crankshaft via connecting rod, it transmits the force generated in the combustion chamber to the crankshaft to drive the vehicle forward. The manufacturing process and material of the piston also directly impact the efficiency and durability of the engine.

Installed on the piston, the piston rings serve to seal the cylinder wall and transfer heat. There are several rings, each with different functions, such as sealing the cylinder, reducing friction, and transmitting heat. Choosing appropriate piston rings is crucial for reducing energy loss and extending service life of the engine.

The piston pin is a part that connects the piston and the connecting rod. It bears the force and inertial load generated by the piston during its movement, and ensures normal operation of the piston. The material and processing accuracy of the piston pin impact the performance and service life of the engine to a large extent.

cylinder liner quartet

Adantages of vika piston assembly:

The vika piston assembly is based on an optimized black pin DLC coating process, which leads to uniquely high hardness, low friction coefficient, excellent resistance to metal bonding, and high resistance to wear and friction.

The design of vika piston rings has been optimized. New wavy oil rings and folding air rings have been developed to increase combustion power of engine, saves fuel, and alleviate carbon deposit and oil burning problems.