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What are the functions of radiator frame?


As one of the main structural components of radiator, the radiator frame on a car provides the following main functions:

1. Supporting and fixing: The radiator frame serves as a supporting structure for the radiator, preventing it from vibration or displacement during drives and maintaining stability.

2. Protection function: The radiator frame protects the radiator by avoiding damage caused by external collision or vibration, thus ensuring integrity of the radiator.

3. Heat insulation: The radiator frame on some vehicle models is designed with heat insulation function, which can effectively reduce water temperature drop inside the radiator and improve its operation efficiency.

4. Shock absorption: The radiator frame can serve shock absorption purpose to mitigate the impact on the radiator during drives on bump roads, thereby extending the service life of the radiator and other relevant components.

5. General structural stability: The radiator frame is designed and installed in such a way to improve the general structural stability of the car, reduce shaking and vibration during drives, and improve driving comfort.

DPA radiator frame

Advantages of DPA radiator frame:

1. DPA radiator frame is made of PP+30% fiberglass, which features excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, high temperature resistance, and adequate toughness, enabling the radiator frame to withstand temperatures up to 145 ℃ for long and preventing its deformation.

2. The surface of DPA radiator frame rivets is subject to zinc alloy treatment, which prevents the rivets from rusting even after long use.

3. DPA radiator frame is provided with multiple protections, and such protections are upgraded iteratively.