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What is the shift bracket?


The shift bracket is an important part of the automobile transmission system, which is responsible for supporting and connecting the shift mechanism. The shift bracket is usually located inside the transmission, connecting the shift lever and the shift mechanism inside the transmission. When the driver operates the shift lever, the shift bracket conveys the operation to the gears and clutches inside the transmission, thus realizing the switching of different gears.

The shift bracket is usually made of strong metal to ensure that it can withstand the pressure and force of transmission operation. It needs to have sufficient durability and stability to ensure that the transmission can complete the shift operation smoothly and accurately.

Generally speaking, the shift bracket plays an important role in the automobile transmission system, and its normal operation is very important to the performance and operation of the transmission.

vika shift bracket

Shift bracket failure phenomenon:

Shift difficulty: when the shift bracket fails, it may make it difficult to shift the transmission from one gear to another.

Shift lever is loose: a faulty shift bracket may cause the shift lever to feel loose or the rod position to be unstable.

The shift is not accurate: the failure of the shift bracket may lead to the inaccuracy of the shift, making it difficult to find each gear accurately.

The shift lever cannot be moved: a serious failure of the shift bracket may cause the shift lever to be completely immovable, resulting in the inability to shift gears.