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What is water pump assembly?


Water pump assembly refers to the combination of a water pump and other relevant components installed on an automotive engine. It usually consists of water pump, seal, bearing, impeller, and belt pulley. The main function of the water pump assembly is  coolant circulation. Coolant is extracted by it from the engine and dissipated through the radiator before returning to the engine, thus maintaining normal operating temperature of the engine.

The water pump assembly is usually installed on the front of the engine and is driven by the crankshaft of the engine via a belt or chain. When the engine runs, the water pump assembly continuously circulates the coolant between the engine and radiator to maintain normal operating temperature of the engine.

Symptoms of a failed water pump assembly:

Engine overheating: If the water pump fails to circulate coolant normally, the engine temperature will rise, ultimately causing engine overheating.

Abnormal fluctuations of engine temperature: A water pump failure may cause the engine temperature to fluctuate constantly within the normal range.

Engine coolant leakage: A damaged water pump seal or bearing may result in coolant leakage, and leaked coolant is usually found around or at the bottom of the water pump.

Abnormal noise in the engine compartment: If the water pump bearing is worn or the impeller is damaged, abnormal metal friction or rattling sound may occur.

Lower coolant pump flow rate: A damaged water pump impeller or clogged blades may slow down coolant flow, which in turn prevents effective engine cooling.

vika water pump

Advantages of vika water pumps:

Pump body: The body of vika water pumps is made of the same dust resin material as OE products.

Water seal: The water seals of vika water pumps are supplied by Hunan Torch, the water seal supplier of OE products. Featuring good sealing effect and strong load bearing capacity, they seal the coolant to prevent leakage, and meanwhile isolate the coolant from the water pump bearing to protect the bearing.

Bearing: Bearing is one of the key components of water pumps. All bearings of vika water pumps are supplied by C&U, a domestic OE water pump supplier. These bearings provide higher load bearing capacity and better heat dissipation property, with a warranty covering 80,000 kilometers.

Impeller and belt pulley: In the design of impellers for vika water pumps, the number of blades and opening/closing angle are well controlled to maximum pump flow for optimal engine cooling. Impellers and belt pulleys of various materials and forms are made available to customers.

Thermostat: Like OE products, the thermostats for vika water pumps are of Temb brand, featuring high and stable performance.