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What is the reason for yellowing of a headlight?


The yellowing of an automotive headlight is caused by long-term exposure to high temperature, ultraviolet rays, and oxidation. The headlight cover is prone to yellowing and cracking due to aging under this conditions.

Solutions to headlight yellowing:

1. Wipe off dirt, debris, chips, and other foreign matters on the surface of the headlight with a piece of soft cloth;

2. Clean the headlight with soap and water every three months to avoid deposit of dust and prevent yellowing;

3. After cleaning, polish the headlight, wipe it with chemically synthesized polishing agent, and wax it according to established procedure;

4. When the car is not in use, park it in a garage or a cool place to reduce oxidation of polycarbonate due to ultraviolet radiation on the headlight.

DPA headlight

Advantages of DPA headlight:

1. Lamp shade: The lamp shade of DPA headlight is made of imported Bayer PC material and based on a dual-color molding process. The surface is coated with imported UV hardening material, which features excellent resistance to UV and oxidation, preventing any yellowing in the first 2 years of use, leading to good light transmittance, and contributing to safe driving.

2. Lamp shell: The lamp shell of DPA headlight is made of original PP material that is not easily oxidized and not fragile.

3. Lamp bowl: The lamp bowl of DPA headlight is made of new material BMC characterized by high rigidity and strength, good forming shrinkage ability, and high dimensional accuracy. It effectively ensures the stability of light beams.

4. Lamp bulb: The light bulb harness is an original product with more stable quality and longer service life.

Core problems of DPA headlight to be addressed: lamp shade yellowing and water ingress